Created by Tim Eisner

Grow the most bountiful rainforest, in this beautiful two player game of card drafting, tableau building and set collection.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Top of the Trees!
5 months ago – Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 12:21:35 AM

Hello Canopy Camper,

We did it! We are making a game! And we did it in style, rounding up a nice round 5,200 people to support and bring this game to life. Thanks to each and every one of you for helping make this game a reality and starting it off with such success. 

Three Cheers for Vincent

When I first thought of this game concept, I had just finished working with Vincent on art for one of the ants in March of the Ants, and he did such a fantastic job that I knew immediately I wanted to see more nature illustrations. He graciously agreed to working on the game, and even helped set the theme as a tropical rainforest (it was originally a temperate rainforest). His illustrations perfectly bring to life the themes and help transport players to the lush and beautiful rainforest.

So three cheers and a big hearty thank you to Vincent for making so many lovely boardgames and helping to make this one truly gorgeous. 

What's Next?

I will be taking the weekend off to camp in the forest to connect with nature and recharge my brain. I will post the next update early next week with lots of fun information including:

  • Projected Timeline of the Kickstarter: I'll lay out the plan for when the pledge manager will open, final development, production, shipping and how I plan to stay in touch.
  •  Poll for the Pitcher Plant abilities: I was going to try to come up with these today but with all the excitement and rush of the final 24 hours I decided I would come up with better ideas once I give my brain a rest.
  • Possibly some new art: I say possibly as Vincent has a new Kickstarter launching next week with Reiner Knizia, so he may need to shift focus to that project for a little while. But as soon as I receive new art I will include it in the next scheduled update. 

Pre-orders and Pledge Management

Just a quick note that I am opened up the pre-order store on Backerkit as soon as the campaign ended. The pre-order store is for folks who missed the campaign. For all of you wonderful backers, I will be sending out surveys in about 2 weeks and then all of your data will be inputted into Backerkit. So no need to log on to the pre-order store until you get that survey. But if you have friends who missed the campaign feel free to send them to our pre-order store. 

I cannot say it enough, but I will say it again THANK YOU!!! Thank you for making this game a reality, thanks for helping us plant over 5,200 trees! And thanks for making the campaign so positive, lively and fun! 


Fantastic Forest Fungi
5 months ago – Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 06:26:34 PM

Greetings Wonderful Backer, 

Wow! Last night I went to bed wondering if we would make it to $130,000 before the end of the campaign and now waking up we have zoomed past our last Stretch Goal and have a little under 6 hours still left in the campaign. 

Final Fungus

As this has been a stellar campaign all around and I truly appreciate all of your excitement and enthusiasm I have spoken with Vincent and he has graciously agreed to illustrate one more card. 

Our poll for the new Plant species has closed and the winner is the gloriously weird Pitcher Plants Heliamphora I am very excited to see what Vincent illustrates for this one. As our final final goal I thought it would be fitting to feature the runner up some type of Rainforest Fungi.

If the campaign reaches $137,000 in total funding we will add one variety of fantastic rainforest fungi to the game. Please feel free to share links to fun pictures of the interesting rainforest fungi in the comments. 

Backer Created Species

The poll has closed and potential abilities for the Pitcher Plant will be announced in an Update in the near future. The Goliath Bird Eater's ability will be "Once per Season, when you take a pile you may leave all Threat cards in that pile." I'll share the illustration for this gnarly spider when it is complete. 

Thank You! Sincerely and truly for helping bring this game to life!


Final Goal Note: In some campaigns we have seen backers be aggressive and peer pressure others to raise their pledge or pledge more. We do not want this! Especially in these uncertain financial times. This stretch goal is to add excitement to the final hours and the best way to help us get their is spreading the word to friends and sharing on social media. Thanks!

One More Time and More People in the Jungle
5 months ago – Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 02:39:49 AM

Ahoy Canopier!

This campaign is alive with the energy and excitement of a rainforest. It has been a wild ride since day one and I am so thankful to each and every one of you for supporting this game! The new set of Shifting Seasons cards has been unlocked and we are cruising along towards more exciting Stretch Goals.

One More Species

We originally had only planned to create 2 species with you all, but the campaign has been so successful and your ideas and suggestions have been so good that we decided to squeeze one more backer created species into the game. Our next Stretch Goal is at $93,000 we will add another species created by you all to the game. For this species we are limiting it to Plants. Vincent has requested that it be some kind of plant with fruit or other interestingly colored plant, as we already have many "green leafy" plants. 

Since we are drawing near to the end of our campaign we are going to fast track this process and only have one day to submit plant suggestions. In the main comments section of the Kickstarter page please share your ideas for what species of plant we should add to the game. All species must be found in Central or South America. We will be accepting suggestions until Wednesday, July 8th at 9 AM PST.

$100,000 on the Horizon

We are quickly approaching a big milestone for our campaign, and we hope to make it to $100,000 in funding in the next few days. For such a momentous achievement we have set a Stretch Goal that will unlock a 3-4 player variant of Canopy. We are excited to share more information on this variant when we reach the goal.

Special Unlock: Deluxe Box Back

To spice up the deluxe box Vincent has created a full art design for the back of the deluxe box. We are excited to make the deluxe box even more beautiful and showcase his stunning artwork. Please note this is a draft prototype of the box back and it will likely need to be adjusted to put the UPC and any other necessary info on the back. 

That's it for today. Thanks for spreading the word and keeping this rainforest growing. We'll be back tomorrow with a new round of voting for species. 


Goliath Spider and An Abundance of Plants!
5 months ago – Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 02:38:59 AM

Hello Dear Canopy Backer,

Thank you so much for being part of this campaign. The involvement and enthusiasm of everyone has made this Kickstarter a great experience. We have a little less than 2 days remaining and hopefully quite a few Stretch Goals to achieve!

Multiplayer Variant

With our fantastic progress we have just unlocked the 3-4 player variant. Canopy was originally designed for 2 players and my design goal was to create a fun, fast-playing drafting game for 2. The 2 player game is still the main focus of Canopy and my personal favorite version, but we are excited to unlock the 3-4 player variant of Canopy. We have crafted a variant rules set that preserves the tension and fun of the 2 player game, while allowing for more players.

Rules Changes for 3-4 Players

In this variant each player shares one New Growth pile with each neighboring player, and there is one New Growth pile in the center of the play area that all players have access to. On your turn you will look at the New Growth pile to your left first. If you do not want it, you replace it, adding one card. You repeat this process with the pile on your right, and finally the one in the middle. One of the key tensions in two player Canopy is knowing that if you pass on a pile, your opponent will have access to it before you have another chance. This preserves that head-to-head tension, since only you and your neighbor have access to the pile between you.

The 3-4 player variant is played over two Seasons instead of three to allow for enough cards for each player to build a full tableau. In addition, all Threats that affect other players affect all other player's which makes getting 3 Fire or 3 Disease cards even more impactful. The 3-4 player variant is still undergoing final testing and development and some rules may change. But we feel confident that it will provide a very enjoyable experience akin to the 2 player game. 

Backer Created Species #2 and #3

It was a close contest but the Goliath Birdeater Spider is the winner of the backer created species poll #2. We have designed 3 potential abilities that this creature could bring to the game and you get to vote on which is your favorite. In addition to be the largest by mass spider in the world the Goliath Birdeater has specialized hair follicles that it uses to sense danger and shoot out as tiny spears at potential threats.

  •  Hair Sensitivity: Once per Season, when you take a pile you may leave all Threat cards in that pile. 
  •  Deadly Pounce: Once per Season, when you pass a pile you may discard one Wildlife from it and gain 2 points.
  •  Defensive Barbs: Once per Season, when an opponent takes a pile with a Wildlife card you may take any other card from that pile and add it to your tableau. 

In addition to voting on the Goliath's power, you will also have the opportunity to choose which type of plant you would like to see added to the game. We received a ton of great suggestions from backers and can't wait to see which species wins. (Some suggested species were not included as they are not found in Central or South America, and some related species were combined).

Please vote for your favorite Goliath Spider ability and top 3 plant species on

If you do not wish to vote on Boardgamegeek please write your favorite Goliath ability and 3 favorite Plant species in the comments section of this Update. 

Since our time in this lovely campaign is drawing to a close the poll will only be open until Thursday at 10PM CST. We'll announce the winning plant in Friday's update and give you all one more vote on what effect the plant should have in the game.

While you are on Boardgamegeek we'd love your help raising awareness for this campaign. If you can thumbs up a few of these images we could get them in the Hot Images on the front page and that would be awesome!

The Last Hurrah

The final 48 hours of a campaign are always very exciting and we can't wait to see how big we can grow this canopy. If you haven't yet we'd love if you shared the campaign with one friend who you think might be interested in our lovely little game!


Potential Plant Species

Onward and Upward
5 months ago – Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 02:38:34 AM

Greetings Canopy Backer, 

This forest is growing at an unprecedented rate and we are excited to have over 4,300 backers which means we will be planting over 4,300 trees with our partner organization Tree Sisters. And we still have a little over 24 hours to go! Let's take a peek at what Stretch Goals we have unlocked an what is ahead. 

Stretching to the Sky 

Just like the mighty trees which make up the rainforest canopy, this campaign keeps going up and up and up! Last night we unlocked a new additional Wildlife species at $107,000. The Golden Lion Tamarin is a species of monkey that is both fascinating and beautiful. 

The Golden Lion Tamarin wants you to grow as many trees as possible. It allows you to draw cards equal to the number of Canopies you have once per Season and keep one.

The Golden Lion Tamarins spend most of their time high in the trees. They prefer to sleep in hollows of trees high above the ground in close proximity to other trees. Being near other trees is important for protection from predators as it allows them easy escape routes. It is also important as the majority of their foraging sites are high in the trees. One of their distinctive features is their tegulae, sharp claw like nails that let them climb the trunks of trees. They also use their long slender fingers with these sharp nails to forage, digging under the bark of trees and into Bromeliads for food. 

10 Unique Animals

This morning we have reached our next goal at $115,000, unlocking 10 unique animal shapes. Both the Retail and Deluxe editions will now have 10 unique punchboard animal shapes, and the Deluxe edition will now have 10 unique wooden shapes as well. 

Digital Mock-up. Final shape may change.

We are excited to feature more animal shapes and are positive the natural wood texture will add an extra touch to the deluxe games. The wooden animal tokens shown here are prototype shapes and I will be working with Vincent to make sure they are all distinct and recognizable. The 5 new punchboard animal shapes will be revealed after the campaign closes. 

Civic Rainforest Duty

If you haven't voted yet, now is your chance. We are currently hosting a poll on Boardgamegeek to vote on our newly added wildlife's (the Goliath Bird Eater) ability, and to determine which Plant species will be added to the game. For the overview of the Goliath abilities and the potential Plant species follow the link to Boardgamegeek or check out Update 13 here

Vote on Boardgamegeek:

The poll will be open until tonight, Thursday July 9th at 10 PM CST.

What's Next?

We still have a little over 24 hours left in the campaign and I am excited to see how tall our forest will grow! Our next Stretch Goal is at $122,000 and will unlock one final Wildlife Species. If you look closely at the 10 Wooden tokens you may get a glimpse of this elusive species. 

Let's keep growing!