Created by Tim Eisner

Grow the most bountiful rainforest, in this beautiful two player game of card drafting, tableau building and set collection.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Small Friends Join our Forest and a Final Goal
5 months ago – Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 02:38:05 AM

Greetings Backer Extraordinaire,

Wow, what a wonderful campaign we have had. I've thoroughly enjoyed how positive, enthusiastic and involved all of you have been. One of my favorite things about running a Kickstarter is getting to connect with backers, so thanks for being along for the ride! 

The Littlest Monkey in the World

The Canopy Kickstarter has picked up serious momentum in these last few days and we just cruised past $122,000 unlocking our final Wildlife Stretch Goal. We saved the cutest critter for last.

But don't underestimate this tiniest of monkeys. The Pygmy Marmosets have a host of interesting and unique characteristics that we used to inspire us in the creation of their ability. 

They live in groups of 2-8 siblings and parents. They maintain close communication in these groups using a series of contact calls. This begins when they are very young with infants babbling to develop these communication skills. You will notice that there will be 3 copies of this card in the game and they are rewarded for being in a group as all of the Pygmy Marmoset have the same ability, and the ability is magnified by the number of Pygmy Marmosets you have. 

Pygmy Marmosets have a specialized diet of tree gum. They gnaw holes in trees and let the sap build up and then feast on it. The card ability let's them increase the point value of Trunks, as the more Trunks you have the more they have to feast on.

Let's Grow a Unique Forest

We are nearing the end of the campaign and we have one final Stretch Goal for us to work towards. If we reach $130,000 in funding Vincent will add details to the Trunk and Canopy cards allowing players to build a combination of unique trees. Added elements will include epiphytes, fungi, mosses, tree hallows, wildlife and more. 

Thank you for all of your support and help spreading the word about our game! Let's keep this forest growing!


Welcome to the Jungle! Oooorouoouuuuughhhhh!
5 months ago – Tue, Jul 07, 2020 at 12:57:30 AM

Ahoy Rainforest Friend,

A terrifyingly loud howl fills the air. It seems to be coming from everywhere and nowhere. You scan the dense undergrowth and see nothing. An answering cry is heard nearer and you look up to see large shapes swinging through the treetops. The Howler Monkey alerts you to its presence in a big way. Considered to be the loudest land animal, these creatures leave a very distinct impression and paint a vivid part of many of my rainforest memories. 

Howler Monkeys use their cries to mark and protect their territory. In the game, the Howler Monkey lets you discard an entire pile, marking it as off limits. 

Deluxe Wooden Tokens

I want to talk about the Wooden Animals in the deluxe version of the game. Since I first played the game Parks, I fell in love with the wooden animal tokens and immediately thought they would be a great fit for Canopy. The natural wood finish, while difficult to display on the screen, has a really great look and feel in person. Vincent designed each animal so it could stand up, adding a wonderful 3-dimensional effect to the game. 

One of the things I love about Kickstarter is getting a chance to hear from backers and get their advice about the project. While after much discussion, Vincent and I decided not to change the look of the tokens, I do really appreciate the feedback we received and we will be working extra hard to make the wooden animals as distinct and recognizable as possible. Vincent and I want this game to be as lovely as it can, and I feel confident that the wooden animals will add a very nice look and feel to the game. Of course, Deluxe backers will also receive a set of the punchboard animal tokens, if they prefer to use those instead. 

Shifting Seasons #2 

At $88,000 we will unlock three additional Shifting Season cards. This mini-expansion adds a unique rule to each Season. When we reach this goal there will be 11 Shifting Season cards in the game making for a great variety of possible combinations. For more information on Shifting Seasons check out Update 6.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite bug on Boardgamegeek here:

Thanks for rainforesting with us!


A Host of Insects
5 months ago – Mon, Jul 06, 2020 at 03:26:30 PM

Happy Sunday Dear Backer,

This campaign keeps growing at an amazing pace, we now have over 3,000 backers! Normally Kickstarters have a slowdown in the middle but our rainforest is so lively and dynamic. Thanks for making it happen and for partaking in our backer created species goals. We have a new vote set up on BGG but before we get there, let's go over our last few Stretch Goals. 

A New Threat #2

Early this morning we cruised past $77,000, unlocking another Threat in the game. This threat is not too scary at first glance, but it's effects are cumulative and if you do not carefully manage the plants you are growing you may miss out on points from sets. This Threat is unique in that it is not discarded at the end of the Season and will stick around until the end of the game, unless you can use another card's effect, such as Drought, to discard it. 

Graphic design mock-up. Icons and new text font will be added for clarity.

Player Aid Cards

And earlier this weekend we passed $71,000 and added two player reference cards to the game. While not as flashy as a new species or a Threat, we think these will be a great addition to the game, and make learning and playing much easier. The Player Aid cards will be double sided, with a Season and Turn overview on one side and an Icon guide on the other. 

Backer Created Species #2

Wow, we have had so many amazing suggestions for "Bugs" for our Backer Created Species #2. Thanks to everyone who shared. We now have a poll open on where you can vote on which "Bug" you would like included in the game. Vote on your top 3 [An error was made in creating the Poll and I only allowed for 1 vote. So please just choose your single favorite species] and the "Bug" with the most votes will be added to the game. 

Vote on Boardgamegeek here:

If you do not want to vote on Boardgamegeek you can post your votes in the comments section of this Update. Full list of suggested species is below. Voting will be open until Tuesday, July 7th at 10PM CST. Thanks for helping us make a cool new card!

Puzzle Pledge Levels

To make it easier for new and old backers to pledge for the game and puzzle we have created two new Pledge Levels. "Retail + Puzzle" for $37 and "Deluxe + Puzzle" for $47. If you have already pledged you do not need to change your pledge to get the puzzle. You can manually manage your pledge and add $18 to it. The puzzle will also be available in the pledge manager after the campaign, but the more money we raise during the campaign the more Stretch Goals we will unlock. 

1000 piece puzzle featuring the cover art from Canopy! Digital Mock-up. Actual puzzle will be even more beautiful.

Our next Stretch Goal is at $83,000 and will unlock a new species that will increase the noise level of the forest. We'll be back tomorrow with another update. Until then stay safe, visit nature, and breathe deep. Thanks for rocking this rainforest!


The Jaguar Emerges
5 months ago – Sat, Jul 04, 2020 at 10:58:26 AM

Ahoy Treefolk!

The Canopy Kickstarter has honestly been one of the most exciting campaigns I have been a part of and I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm for this game. One of our favorite parts of Kickstarter is getting to interact with the community of players. And one of the most fun ways of doing that is creating new cards with your help. 

The Jaguar

We have now completed the first Backer Created Species stretch goal, adding the Jaguar to the game. The Jaguar is a skilled and opportunistic hunter. At the end of each Season the Jaguar will stalk one random animal in your opponents forest. 

The jaguar waits patiently for the sun to set and the hunt to begin.

The Jaguar, while powerful is not without drawbacks. If you fail to find the mating pair you will lose points at the end of the game. Thank you to everyone who suggested species and voted!

Backer Created Species #2

To help us narrow the scope of our next backer created species I asked in a previous poll what type of species backers would like to see added to the game. The Bugs ((Insect, Arthopod, Arachnid...) won handily, and we are excited to add more of these extremely important critters to our rainforest. 

We are now taking suggestions for which species of "bug" you would like to see added to the game. Post your suggestions in the comments section of the main project page. Please note that only species found in Central and South America will be eligible to be in the game. We will be taking suggestions until Saturday, July 4th at 9AM. 

Before you Start Suggesting Species

Something bright and colorful catches your eye. A flickering of colors so fast and varied it looks like a rainbow bouncing in and out of existence. The flicker of wings and shifting colors are so quick it is hard for your eye to follow. The newest addition to our rainforest is not only beautiful, but an integral part of the ecosystem, as it helps to pollinate many flowering plants. 

The Harmonia Mantle Butterfly is a special species that let's you discard it during the end of Season scoring to add +1 to any set of Bromeliads, Ferns or Philodendrons. This wildlife card gives you much more control over your plant sets and is unique in that if you have the active Harmonia Mantle, you can discard the mating pair to use it's ability.  

Let's keep spreading the word and adding to the diversity and beauty of this rainforest!


Of Vines and Puzzles
5 months ago – Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 02:19:14 AM

Greetings Backer!

Wowza, our numbers keep growing and the canopy extends in all directions. A hearty and enthusiastic welcome to all the new backers! Thanks to all of you for making this game a reality and helping us add awesome Stretch Goals. Speaking of which, we just unlocked another one that adds new plants to every rainforest! But before we get to those plans we have a surprise to announce as well.

Canopy Puzzle Add-On 

We are now offering a 1000 piece puzzle Add-On featuring the gorgeous cover art from Canopy. Ever since Vincent first showed us the cover art we have been thinking of ways to highlight and share it. We are very excited to offer this puzzle as another great way to grow a rainforest on your table.

(Digital mock-up. The actual puzzle will be even more beautiful!)

The puzzle add-on will come in a separate box and will be $18 plus shipping. To add this to your pledge click on the manage pledge option and increase your pledge by $18. Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager after the campaign finishes. Shipping varies from region to region and some Retail pledges will have a slightly higher cost on puzzle shipping as it increases the total weight over 1KG. Check out the updated shipping graphic on the campaign page for full details. 

For each Puzzle Add-On we will plant one additional tree with our partner organization Tree Sisters!


One of the plants I picture when thinking about rainforests are the densely hanging vines, intertwined with almost every tree. As our forest continues to grow and expand we are excited to add these very important plants to the game. Lianas is a general term, like shrub or tree, that applies to many different species of hanging vines that have their roots in the soil and slowly climb trees as they ascend to the canopy. 

In the game, Lianas stay in play until the end of the final Season and score 1 point for each tree of a different height in your forest. This card gives you a long term objective and rewards you for paying extra attention to Trunks and Canopies and growing a  multi-layered forest. 

Backer Created Species #1 and #2

The poll on Boardgamegeek has closed. More info on the Jaguar and a new poll will begin tomorrow!

Thanks for being part of this ever growing rainforest!